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MycoScanTM Mycoplasma Detection Kit
Be Sure to working with Mycoplasma-free cell cultures.
Defeat the hidden enemy of cell biologists with the MycoScanTM Mycoplasma Detection Kit
Mycoplasma is frequently found as a contaminant in cell cultures. Studies indicate that more than 15% of cultures are contaminated. Mycoplasma can produce a variety of effects on cultured cells (e.g. changes in metabolism, immunological or biochemical properties, growth, viability, etc.). It is hard to detect and also difficult to eradicate, passing easily
through standard filters, and is resistant to most antibiotics.
The cost of a mycoplasma infection could be enormous
Regular testing for mycoplasma is the only way to be sure of working with mycoplasma-free cell cultures, resulting in confidence in the quality and validity of data obtained. But testing methods are often cumbersome and time-consuming,
or do not have sufficient sensitivity and specificity.
Until now
HD BIOSCIENCES is proud to introduce the MycoScanTM Mycoplasma Detection Kit, a PCR* based assay, which takes only hours to perform. The assay is easy, cheap and reliable,
and can be used at every cell passage.
*The PCR process is covered by patents owned by Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. Use of the PCR process requires a license.
MycoScanTM assay features:
High sensitivity - Will detect even small amounts of mycoplasma DNA in your sample.
Specificity - MycoScanTM is specific for more than 25 "typical" mycoplasma species.
Reliable - The kit contains internal control DNA and positive control DNA to optimize re-producibility and minimize operator-dependent variability of results.
Rapid - The whole process can be completed in about 5 hours.
Universal - One protocol using standard lab equipment detects all mycoplasma and acho- leplasma infections that commonly contaminate cell cultures.
Convenient - The kit contains optimized PCR reagents that conveniently allow testing to be performed periodically or routinely for quality control.
Easy to use - Allows for direct testing of culture stocks: elimination of antibiotics or special growth conditions are not required for testing.
Samples are easily prepared - Templates for PCR analysis are prepared by boiling the supernatant of cell cultures or other samples.
Results can be clearly determined - A clear and easily interpretable result is obtained after PCR reactions.
 Catalog No.
 20 Tests
 MycoScanTM Maxi Kit
 50 Tests
Testing principles
The HD Biosciences MycoScanTM assay incorporates the highly-sensitive PCR technology as its method for detecting contaminating mycoplasma. The rRNA gene sequences of mycoplasma are well conserved. The lengths and sequences of the spacer region in the rRNA operon (in our case, the region between 16S and 23S gene) differ from species to
species. The detection procedure utilizing PCR process with following two steps:
Step 1. Amplify the spacer region using two primers (F1 and R1) on the DNA encoding rRNA of 16S and 23S.
Step 2. Perform Nested PCR using two primers (F2 and R2).
This system does not allow the amplification of DNA originated from other sources, such as cultured cells, which affect the detection result. Amplification of gene sequence with PCR using these primer pairs enhances not only the sensitivity but also the specificity of
Kit components
Primer pairs at optimized concentrations
Positive control for easy result verification
Internal control to ensure PCR process
10 X PCR buffer
Instruction manual (Download)
Supplemental equipments and reagents required
Thermal cycler
Agarose gel electrophoresis apparatus
Microcentrifuge tubes
Other PCR* reagents
The presence of mycoplasma - a unique group of microorganisms that fall in the category between bacteria and viruses - in cell cultures can have a dramatic impact on the growth and metabolism of the cells, and a knock-on effect on the yield C and possibly the activity -
of the recombinant protein.
Conventional techniques used to detect mycoplasma involve culturing samples on selective media, which needs at least a week to obtain results. By performing PCR with our primer pairs, detection results are obtained in a few hours. As the presence of contaminant mycoplasma can be easily detected by only verifying the bands of amplified DNA fragments in electrophoresis, there is no need to prepare probes labeled with
radioisotope, etc.
The MycoScanTM assay can detect many species of mycoplasma, including M. fermentans, M. hyorhinis, M. arginini, M. orale, M. hominis, M. arthritidis, M. hyopneumoniae and
Acholeplasma laidlawii, which account for more than 96% of cell culture infections.
Need elimination service & "clean" cells?
HD Biosciences can also provide mycoplasma elimination services for you. We have commonly used cell lines without any mycoplasma contamination, which can be delivered
as per your request.
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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