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HD Biosciences Received Numerous "Vendor Appreciation and Special Contribution" Awards from Its Partners and Clients for the Impacts to Their Drug Discovery Portfolio Development
Shanghai, China C March 11, 2016
HD Biosciences Co., Ltd. (HDB), a leading biology-focused preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO), discloses today that, for the past three months, several project teams, business managers and a few dozens of scientists have received various awards from HDBs partners and clients to recognize exceptional performance and valuable deliveries on collaboration. "Various awards and appreciations presented from our partners are strong demonstration of our high quality services and commitments of our staff to the jobs that they are associated with. These are also indications that the company business strategy to focus on value impacts of our services to clients' portfolio being paid off." Dr. Xuehai Tan, President & CEO of HDB commented in his remark. "We will continue to firmly stick to our core competences and invest on our teams to build a special global CRO, with
which, partners and clients can develop their expectations."
The awards from clients mainly cover the areas including plate-based pharmacology, target validation, anti-infectious disease, preclinical candidate (PCC) development, safety
profiling, and project management, logistics supports etc.
About HD Biosciences
HD Biosciences Co., Ltd. is a biology-focused preclinical drug discovery contract research organization (CRO) with headquarter in Shanghai, and operation facilities in Beijing and San Diego, USA. The company offers comprehensive research and development services to global pharmaceutical and biotech industries around target validation, plate-based pharmacology, hit identification & lead discovery, therapeutic antibody discovery, in vivo pharmacology, and other related areas. The company currently collaborates with eight (8) of the ten (10) largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and has established strategic partnerships in many key R&D areas with impacts to their portfolios. The strong scientific expertise, high quality of the services, consistency in deliveries, and constantly meeting or exceeding expectations, have helped the company to earn an excellent reputation in the industry. The in vitro pharmacology R&D capabilities and other core competencies of the company are widely
recognized as one of the best among preclinical CROs.
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