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Primary Rodent Islet Isolation & GSIS
Pancreatic islets of Langerhans secrete hormones that are vital to the regulation of blood glucose and are, therefore, a key focus of diabetes research. Purifying viable and functional islets from the pancreas for study is an intricate process. HDB owns the specific technogy and quality guaranteed experiences in key elements involved with mouse and rat islet isolation, including surgical techniques, choices of collagenase, the collagenase digestion process, density gradient based purifications, islet culture conditions and assessments of islet viability and function. With this unique platform, we have sucesssfully validated the glucose stimulated insulin secretion with multiple positive compounds commonly used for insulin secretion research. Compound screening with primary rodent islets can be conducted at moderate throughput to facilitate your drug discovery process.
Fig. 9 Glucose stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) assay with primary isolated mouse islets. In the presence of 16.7
mM glucose, insulin secretion was significantly potentiated by (A) positive controls of 100 uM IBMX (~ 6.5 folds) and
100 nM Exendin-4 (~ 5.5 folds) and (B) 10 uM test compound (2.9 folds).
Fig. 10 Compound screening with glucose stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) assay in primary isolated mouse
islets. (A) The test compound (TA-1) potentiated GSIS in a glucose- and dose-dependent manner; (B) EC50 of TA-1
was 2 ~ 3 nM at medium and high glucose concentrations.
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