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SPR BiophysicsTechnology Platform
Kinetics/affinity analysis and characterization for binding events against both small molecule (compound or framents)andlarge molecules (antibodies or proteins)
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology
(Biacore 8K) with high throughput and high sensitivitiy ateffecitive cost
Thermal shift assay to support quick identification of binders to target protein
SPR Platform
Biomolecular interaction analysis based on principle of SPR has been increasingly recognized as a revolutionizing tool in nearly all phases of drug development including target identification, screening of hit molecules and candidate selection. This technology excels at allowing measurement of affinities in real time without the requirement of
HD Biosciences (HDB) recently launches Biacore 8K system, the next-generation SPR platform, combined with Biacore S200, T200, T100 and 3000, to fulfill your needs on small
molecule and biotherapeutic screening and characterization.
Our service features
Ka/Kd/KD determination (kinetics/affinity analysis) for binding events
Small-molecule or fragment-based library screening
Secondary screening or counter-screening for HTS or SAR
Investigation of hit compound's mechanism of action towards substrate/product/tool compounds, etc.
Hold up to four 96w or 384w plates in a temperature-controlled environment with 60 h unattended operation
Screening of 2300 small-molecule fragments in a day with Biacore 8k. High-quality kinetic characterization of 64 interactions in 4 h.
Sample 5; ligand5; 1:1 binding
Kinetic analysis of compound X binding to protein A on Biacore 8K. Six data sets were fit to 1:1 binding model and the binding parameters for the compound were determined.
108; Ligand 3; 1:1 binding
Kinetic analysis of antigen C binding to antibody B on Biacore 8K. Five data sets were fit to 1:1 binding model and the binding parameters for the antigen were determined.
KD (M)
Rmax (RU)
KD (M)
Rmax (RU)
Affinity analysis of compound E binding to enzyme D on Biacore 8K. Optimization of enzyme D's immobilization condition on CM5 chip was carried out using Biacore 8K. In addition to routine condition optimization (e.g. pH, immobilization program setup/level, buffer, etc.), saturated ligand of protein D was included in the immobilization, which successfully doubled the active protein percentage on the chip. Detailed binding affinity constant KD was determined by affinity analysis.
Thermal Shift Assay
In addition to the comprehensive SPR platform, HDB also offers studies using thermal shift
assay technology for quick binding compound idenfication.
Melt Curve Plot/Derivative Plot
Thermal Shift Assay shift analysis for different ligands binding to enzyme F. Thermal shift assay was run on ViiA 7 Real-Time PCR System using Sypro Orange dye. Tm value (or shift) was calculated and used to evaluate the binding between screening compounds and target protein.
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