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Therapeutic Areas
Efficacy evaluation of lead compounds in relevant disease animal models is pivotal for the preclinical candidate selection in drug discovery. HD Biosciences has established multiple in vivo animal models to evaluate novel drugs for CNS disorders, cancer, metabolic diseases, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Each disease model is designed to understand specific aspects of drug property and its mechanism of action. By accessing our comprehensive capability, our customers can advance their drug discovery programs in
a time and cost-effective manner.
Our therapeutic areas include:
Pain, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease and other
behavioral disorders
A variety of validated human tumor models (subcutaneous and orthotopic xenografts)
for both efficacy and mechanism of action (MOA) studies
Diabetes, dyslipidemia, NASH and obesity
Liver fibrosis/cirrhosis (CCI4, TAA, DMNA and BDL)
EAE, CIA, IBD, Asthma, DTH, and more
HDB in vivo pharmacology team is composed of scientists with advanced scientific and technical expertise in animal models and drug discovery. The research program in each therapeutic area is led by internationally experienced drug discovery pharmacologists who have in depth knowledge and industry experience in the field. We provide scientific consultation, customize and execute projects to meet each clients needs. Our highly experienced preclinical team will work closely with our clients to make the most appropriate study design and the most likely successful working proposal to accomplish
their mission.
HDB owns a state-of-the-art, specific pathogen free (SPF) and AAALAC-compliant animal facility, which occupies 6000 f2 on the operation site. Our animal facility has 8 procedure rooms and 8 animal rooms which can house up to 2500 small animals. We can also access to large animal facilities offsite for dogs and non-human primates (NHPs). The animals used for client studies are provided by the certified animal supplier. All the study protocols
and animal use are approved by the IACUC including a veterinarian on site.
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