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Cancer Biology
  Brochure 2017
Fully integrated services to advance drug candidates with specialized platforms and
focuses to provide solutions to clients' R&D effort for PCC and IND filling
Cancer panel screen platform featured with rich numbers of cell lines with broad diversity and supported by full genome database, serving as valuable tool for
target validation, compound sensitivity evaluation and translational science
Comprehensive Immuno-Oncology (I/O) Platform offering variety of in vitro functional and phenotypic assays, and in vivo syngeneic models with humanized
model option
Cancer Biology at HD Biosciences offers a full-spectrum of high quality, timely and cost-effective oncology drug discovery, predictive biomarker, companion diagnostics discovery and preclinical development services. These include target identification and validation, in vitro cell based assays and screening, in vivo tumor modeling, in vivo pharmacology, PK/PD and exploratory toxicology. We also offer in-depth mechanism of action studies and support translational predictive biomarker development. Leveraging our cutting-edge technology, we have built a comprehensive platform for Immuno-Oncology drug discovery
to accelerate our clients to grow the immuno-oncology portfolio.
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