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Preclinical Efficacy and Safety
HDB executes entire discovery/development programs for our clients from target to pre-candidate, by integrating functional cellular phenotypic assays, in vitro ADMET, in vivo PK/PD, in vivo efficacy and safety studies. We offer various disease models in different therapeutic areas, such as metabolic disorders, oncology, CNS (pain, memory/learning, stress) and inflammation to provide one-stop biological services along with tolerance study
in rodents with pharmacology and pathology.
Clients are afforded the ability to profile compounds for selection of the best candidates for further pre-clinical and clinical development. We provide a cascade of approaches ranging from early in vitro assessment to in vivo pharmacokinetics. In vitro ADME profiling involves assays on cell permeability, plasma protein binding, cytochrome P450 subtype inhibition, metabolic stability in hepatocytes and liver subcellular fractions, plasma stability and cytotoxicity. In vivo PK studies include studies in various dosing routes (e.g. oral, subcutaneous, i.v. i.p, and cassettes) in different tissues and specimens on most of small and large animals (mice, rats, dogs and monkeys), followed by the full service of
bioanalytical analysis and data reports.
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